winner pro 200 lifting chains

Strong, flexible and efficient.

This new profile steel chain is manufactured according to the mechanical values of G12 and is suitable for a maximum operating temperature of 200°C. Chamfered corners provide additional flexibility for the chain links and make the chain easier to handle. The chain really comes into its own during choke-hitch applications, due to the reduced impact of edges on the load.

The winner pro Flex 200 chain is available in ligth grey. Thanks to an improved resistance factor running across the symmetry axis, the chain is more robust when it comes to withstanding deformations in a longitudinal direction compared to round-link chains with the same diameter. The chain also stands for maximum efficiency as part of the comprehensive winner pro portfolio. A detailed operating manual is available. 

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Specification table

Code / Type Nominal diameter dn
Pitch t
inside width b1 min.
outside width b2 max.
load capacity
Breaking force
WINPRO 7 FLEX 200 7 22 10 26 2,360 92.60 1.36
WINPRO 8 FLEX 200 8 25 11.20 29 3,000 118 1.64
WINPRO 10 FLEX 200 10 33 14.20 37 5,000 196 2.70
WINPRO 13 FLEX 200 13 41 18.60 50 8,000 314 4.80
WINPRO 16 FLEX 200 16 51 22.80 60 12,500 491 7.17